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Ready to become one of the country’s first accounting professionals to get certified* as a cannabis seed counter? The cannabis industry is rife with regulatory pitfalls that create ongoing headaches for CEOs. As the expert who can ease their pain, you'll be in high demand.

In 8 weeks, you can learn this niche, build your business, and earn your worth.

Are you ready?

Certified Cannabis Seed Counter

*Certification requires completion of the Calculating Cannabis course and continued education through the annual NACAT Pros Certified Membership

If you’re sick of trying to prove your worth to companies looking to pay the least amount of money for accounting services, and want the world from you in return… you are not alone. 

Regardless of what industry you primarily serve, competition is steep. It’s really hard to differentiate yourself from others in your space. In fact, with the onset of automation technologies, companies value accounting even less than before. Unless you’ve chosen an industry that is highly regulated with lots of rules and nuances – and required specialized training to keep clients out of trouble – you could struggle to remain relevant. 

But the cannabis industry is different.

Cannabis laws and guidelines are still new, leaving best practices in flux. This uncertainty means that trained accounting professionals are in high demand. Understanding technology and ever-changing processes in accounting make you invaluable to a cannabis company. The catch is that what makes the cannabis industry unique also makes it nearly impossible for accounting professionals to serve these companies without proper training. The guidance doesn’t exist and the rules are being written.

So, how do accounting professionals get up to speed quickly so that they can best serve this industry?

Here’s where we come in

It’s no secret that learning the cannabis industry can be intimidating for accounting professionals. With a lack of resources, many don’t know where to start or how to help their current clients maintain compliance and audit-ready records.

With the Calculating Cannabis course, our goal is to get you onboarding new Cannabis clients and receiving retainers that show your value in just 60 days. In addition, we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to feel confident serving clients in this niche.

Your Mission...

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, is to become a certified cannabis seed counter and land your first (or next) cannabis client in 60 days or less. With a certification under your belt, you can expand your accounting practice into the cannabis niche with confidence, avoiding feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

You can say goodbye to clients who don’t value you. You can trade the same old grind for a rewarding and fascinating niche that continues to grow exponentially. You will have a new practice as a cannabis accounting provider that can provide you with the revenue you’ve been dreaming of.

Your Mission
Quotation Left
“I felt as though someone like myself with little to no experience in the industry would have an opportunity to get their foot in the door to learn quickly and grow in the industry with your team.”
- Patrick Intfen
Quotation Right

Introducing Your Mentor

Meet Naomi Granger, the only CPA to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal for her unique approach to helping accounting professionals support the legal Cannabis industry. She’s provided support, consulting, and business development skills to over 600 accounting professionals across the United States.

Naomi entered the cannabis industry in 2017 and went from a start-up to exceeding $3 million in revenue in just over two years. She’ll guide you to your own solid revenue gains in the highly-regulated cannabis industry with a strong foothold in the market.

As Featured In...

Wall Street Journal
Green Entrepreneur

Meet Your Subject Matter Experts

Metrc Compliance

Seed-to-Sale compliance and how that integrates with the accounting work that we do is crucial for the simple fact that it is a necessary evil that states have mandated. Accounting professionals need to know how to navigate the systems, reconcile, and properly report information to the state so that clients don’t get flagged for audit, or get their licensing revoked for non-compliance.

We’ve invited subject matter expert Alex Rubin, CEO of Cannasun Consulting and former co-chair of the Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Management Systems subcommittee within the MED’s Science and Policy workgroup to lead an in-depth training on seed-to-sale. As part of your certification, you will have everything that you need in order to confidently navigate seed-to-sale compliance. Members will get a look inside of Metrc to see the reports that are provided so that they aren’t going in blind with theoretical information. This is a unique opportunity as you must have a cannabis business license in order to gain access to these systems.


Retail Profitability

Retail KPI

By the time legal cannabis products make it to the end consumer, the pricing (including tax) may be much higher than what people are used to paying on the black market. Due to increasing competition, it is not uncommon for operators to unconsciously price themselves out of profitability, which is why we have expert guidance from Krysta Raymer, CEO and Co-Founder of Vetrina Group providing unmatched advice on how you, the accountant, must know and understand the KPIs that are key to profitability. With razor thin margins and undercapitalized startups trying to maintain a presence in the industry, our value as accountants lies not only in the day to day seed counting, but in how we can add to the bottom line of the business.

We are very proud of this guidance because we don’t just say accountants are more valuable in this industry, we show accountants how to provide true CFO level guidance and support for companies that need it most. You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation for retail operators which encompasses quality of sale, inventory, people, and marketing so that you can provide the comprehensive guidance that CEOs need in order to operate profitably.

What Calculating Cannabis Offers You...

Is the opportunity to learn a valuable, niche skill that allows you to land clients ANY time you want for the rest of your life. All while making a massive difference in the lives of your clients and the social equity of this country. 

When you invest in our 60-day program, you're investing in ALL of the success that's coming your way. You can't help but move forward with the new skills you'll develop in this program.

Weekly Virtual Course Delivery

Every week you’ll gain access to a new set of virtual training modules. After you watch the recordings, access our weekly live Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions you have. 

Bring your most demanding challenges or roadblocks to these Q&A sessions for brainstorming, feedback, and insightful suggestions for moving forward.

Unlimited Q&A Support & Milestone Reviews

Send Naomi questions via her personal email anytime or through our Premiere Slack community, and get a personal response back within 48 business hours. Cannabis accounting is incredibly complicated, which is why we don't want you to go it alone and have made it a point to have resources readily available to answer your questions as you go through the materials. A mentor’s on-demand feedback can mean the difference between receiving information and absorbing the education.

Get the most out of the Slack group by participating in discussions with fellow aspiring seed counters as you work through the course together.

You'll also get personal feedback on every milestone decision you make during our 8 weeks together. Enter your progress into your personal milestone page that we'll create for you in GoogleDocs, and simply tag Naomi to receive your review.

What I'm Offering You…

Is the opportunity to learn a valuable, niche skill that allows you to land clients ANY time you want for the rest of your life. All while making a massive difference in the lives of your clients and the social equity of this country. 

When you invest in our 60-day program, you're investing in ALL of the success that's coming your way with the new skills you'll develop in Calculating Cannabis.

Live Virtual Delivery

Live Q&A

You'll get access to a weekly live group Q&A where you can ask any and all questions you have - 8 group calls in total.

Bring your most demanding challenges or roadblocks to these sessions for brainstorming, feedback, and insightful suggestions for moving forward.

Email Access and Milestone Reviews

Unlimited Email Access
& Milestone Reviews

Send your coach questions via their personal email anytime, day or night, and get a personal response back within 48 business hours. The benefit of having an expert available for you is priceless.

You'll also get personal feedback on every milestone decision you make during our 8-weeks together. Enter your progress into your personal milestone page that we'll create for you in GoogleDocs, and simply tag your coach to alert them.



If you are a CPA, you will have the opportunity to earn 8 CPE credits. One credit will be awarded for each live Q&A call you attend. 

What You'll Learn in 60 Days

Module 1

Module 1 - Germination:
Sowing Seeds That Flower

Watch your practice take root in this first module. You can’t find success until you first define it. Here, we’ll start with visualizing your end-goal. What does your firm look like in full bloom?

In this module, you will:

  • Start with the end goal in mind to define what your firm will look like in 60 days
  • Determine how much money you want to make and plan out how many clients you need to serve (and at which rate you can confidently charge them)
  • Set minimum, target, and stretch goals to which you can hold yourself accountable while launching your business
  • Discover possibilities for adding value to your clients with our Ultimate List of Services (more than 50 types of services you can use to bundle, package, and upsell your way to six figures and beyond)
  • Perform a service audit using the Ultimate Pricing Guide download to price your services and communicate your value (so that your pricing feels good to both you and your potential clients)
  • Access our handy revenue calculator to gain direction and focus on achieving your monthly revenue goals
  • Get crystal clear on how to start building your practice so you’ll have a strong foundation to shape your business’s success over the next 60 days

Upon completing this module, you'll be crystal clear and have complete control over the success of your business within the next 60 days.

Module 2

Module 2 - Seedling:
Producing Business Momentum

At this point, your firm is fully grounded. You are ready to create momentum towards your business success by creating your marketing and outreach foundation. 

In this module, you will:

  • Create resumes and profiles that stand out against the competition by highlighting the benefits of working with you (and not just the features of your offerings)
  • Transform your Linkedin Profile into a sales page so you can easily attract leads who can’t help but view you as an invaluable asset to their business
  • Broadcast your visibility with our “160 Places to Find Cannabis Operators” download, which lists all job boards, social media, trade shows, trade associations, and state associations where you can find potential clients
  • Start a conversation with a new lead effortlessly using our enrollment conversation templates
  • Understand the pain points of cannabis operators from seed-to-sale tracking to capital funding (so you can be the soothing balm when you come aboard their team)
  • Learn the “secret” marketing language to turn no's into yes's without feeling like you’re “selling yourself”
  • Track your progress with our Prospect Tracking Workbook so you can easily keep track of follow-ups, maintain your internal KPIs, measure meeting and sales conversions, and more

Module 3

Module 3 - Vegetative:
Honing in on the How

Look at you, your firm is growing like WEEDs! In this module, you’ll learn more about the rules and regulations that go into this industry.

Once inside the Cannabis Accounting Knowledge Center of Module 3, you can:

  • Learn all about cannabis and how it is different from non-cannabis businesses (including why there’s no interstate commerce, why credit cards are banned, and why major banks can’t be used)
  • Dig into cannabis and federal tax laws (distinguish 280E from 471 and learn what type of accounting is required to help your clients stay compliant)
  • Get in-depth details on state laws with 7 quick-reference downloads on state regulations, dispensary laws, fees and taxes, adult-use taxes, and how each state conforms to 280E
  • Understanding the cannabis supply chain and the supply chain's impact on accounting procedures.
  • The ins and outs of licensing compliance, and knowing what it takes to keep and renew a license, and what practices can lead to revocation so that you can better advise your clients.
  • The crucial step-by-step process for dispensary POS inventory reconciliation and cost accounting
  • Gain a solid understanding of Metrc seed-to-sale software (and how to utilize it to help your clients fulfill state tax requirements)

Module 4

Module 4 - Flowering:
Unstoppable Growth. What to Do When Clients Say Yes. 

Mission Accomplished!!! Your firm is now a full-grown flower. You’ve landed your first client, received your retainer, and are more than excited to get started. Now what?!?!

Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

  • Access our onboarding checklist to get everything you’ll need to hit the ground running (and all the tools you need to set a client up for success from the moment they sign) 
  • Swipe our file management download system to organize and collect all the docs provided by client, your accounting files, tax and seed-to-sale reports, legal agreements, and more
  • Master accounting for cash, including how to implement a complete cash control system (and ease the ongoing pain of running a cash-based company)
  • Workpapers, checklists, and charts of accounts for inventory strategy and cleanup (gain real-life examples and learn how to use them)
  • Calculate COGS accurately so you can help your clients save money come tax season (instead of owing potentially thousands in tax penalties)
  • Receive done-for-you SOPs and a complete project management system in ClickUp, ready to go with onboarding and accounting processes

Module 5

Module 5 - {Authority Track} Clone and Multiply Your Business by Scaling

Now that you have a budding business, you’re ready to scale. Add another zero to your bottom line by leveraging the following skills in this module:

  • Put yourself out there by speaking, writing, and networking to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority 
  • Provide immense additional value to your clients by offering CFO-level services (such as audits, compliance, reviews, valuations, forecasts, and budgets)
  • Free up more time for higher-level work by implementing systems and hiring out “busy work”
  • Track your client’s business performance and KPIs with the Cannabis Retail KPI Summary and Tracker (making you more of an advisor and consultant, rendering you invaluable in your clients’ eyes)


The doors open for Calculating Cannabis on June 1, 2022.

Become one of the first certified cannabis seed counters in history and get ready to grow your accounting practice.

40rty Tons

5% of proceeds go to organizations like 40rty Tons, Cannabis social equity recipients, expungement clinics, and/or prison reform organizations for non-violent marijuana crimes.

NOTE: You must remain an active member of NACAT Pros in order to be and maintain your certification status. Rules and regulations are changing constantly. As we add to the program, you will have access to those new materials. For more information on NACAT Pros membership click here.

Naomi Speaking

Make Your Money Back Guarantee

Almost nothing in life worth doing comes with a guarantee that ensures success.

But that’s what this guarantee is. It’s our personal guarantee that even if the cannabis industry is new to you – even if this extraordinary first step of building your business is totally out of your comfort zone – you will earn back your investment in this program. Or we will keep working with you until you do.

Naturally, this guarantee does come with a few responsibilities. We cannot offer a guarantee for non-action takers, so please don’t purchase this program if you don’t intend to implement it. You have to commit to taking action on the material we present to you.

If that sounds fair, then you can feel confident knowing your investment is fully, totally, 100% protected. To qualify, you must sign the Make Your Money Back Guarantee inside the program and take the steps indicated in the agreement. Terms and conditions do apply.